What Should I Expect on the Initial Visit?

On the initial visit you will be tested using MRT(Muscle Resistance Testing) to determine what your allergies/sensitivities are. You will also be tested to make sure your body is in optimal balance to receive the treatments and to make sure there aren't any underlying issues that may be contributing to allergies that need to be addressed.
Frequently underlying issues such as fungal overgrowth, difficult to diagnose parasitic infections and heavy metal/chemical toxicity may be found. Also, it will be determined if electromagnetic disturbances, with the advent and increased use of cell phones and computers, could be contributing to your allergic reactions and negatively effecting your overall health. You may also bring in up to five substances such as; supplements, medications, foods, cosmetics, etc, if you wish, to be tested.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

On the initial visit you will be tested for approximately 15-40 (children may be tested for the lesser amount, depending on their compliance) food and environmental potential allergens. Depending on how many you react to, that will determine the number of treatments needed. Before we treat any substance we first need to make sure you are in balance with what are called the top 15. These are the fundamental nutrients we tend to eat every day and are the foundation of our overall health. If we are not in harmony and balance with substances such as; Eggs, Chicken, Calcium, vitamin C, Vitamin B, Corn, Sugar, etc., a treatment for a cat allergy, let's say, may not be successful and could possibly cause some serious negative reactions.

If you are basically in good health, but have a few allergies, typically you will need 4-6 treatments. If your overall health is more compromised with more allergic reactions, 10-30 treatments may be needed.


What Does An Allergy Treatment Consist of?

You will hold the allergic substance in your hand and the doctor will tap along your spine on specific acupuncture points to reprogram your nervous system to bring you energetically into balance with the substance. You will then receive an acupuncture or acupressure treatment, whatever you are comfortable with, for 20 minutes (children 15 minutes). It is then recommended you avoid that substance for 25 hours.

Can I take Allergy Medication Before My Treatments?



How Do I Prepare For The Treatment?

Avoid alcohol and caffeine 3 hours prior to treatment. It is best to be well hydrated and not hungry. Please do not use any cologne or perfume and wear loose fitting cloths. Make sure hands are clean and without lotion.

Do not plan any activity after the treatments that may require much physical exertion. Try to stay as calm emotionally and physically after the treatments to allow integration.

How Long Are the Visits?

The initial visit is 1-11/2 hours. The following visit usually 45 minutes to 1 hour. Children between 20-30 minutes.


What Happens On The Follow Up Visits?

You will be checked to make sure the treatment you had previously worked. If for some reason it did not work, it will need to be addressed again. This happens approximately 20% of the time, and is usually a result of the treatment not completely clearing on the emotional level. This means there is an energetic emotional block in your body that correlates to the item that was treated and that energetic disturbance remains. This is when you will receive some emotional release work to remove the block. It is often quickly and painlessly done and then we can move on to the next substance that needs to be treated that same day. On the follow up visits, you may also bring in up to 5 items at a time to be tested.


After I'm Finished With My Treatments, Will My Allergies Ever Come Back?

Ideally your allergies will never come back, but that is not always the case. The most common substances I find that reoccur, are sugar and wheat. Refined sugar stresses the body in many ways and causes inflammation. In limited amounts, I feel refined sugar is okay for most, but there is sugar in almost everything we eat so it can be challenging to keep to a minimum. If people keep it in moderation, the allergy should not come back.

Wheat/gluten is becoming more of a problem due to the way it is now grown and processed. The damage and inflammation it can cause in the body is beyond just allergy, and it may ultimately retrigger the allergic response. For many, wheat is best to be completely avoided or used in moderation.

Another reason an allergen may return is dependent on where you are at emotionally when you are exposed to a substance. For example: if you are eating a tuna fish sandwich while your watching the news, and something really upsets you, an allergy to any part of that sandwich could be retriggered. It is best to eat in a calm environment and to generally manage your stress so no new allergies develop.


I Don't Like Needles.
Do I Need To Have Acupuncture For This To Work?

You do not need to have acupuncture. Acupressure in place of acupuncture works just as well to eliminate allergies and is frequently used, especially for children.

Do You Accept Insurance?

We will be more then happy to enquire if you have acupuncture benefits. If you have coverage, we will bill your insurance for you. You will be responsible for your copay and whatever your insurance does not cover. We accept cash, checks and Visa/Mastercard.

If you would like us to check on your benefits before your initial visit, make sure we receive the appropriate information at least 4 days before your visit.